Mum gets 8 years for hubby’s death

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014


THE Waigani National Court has sentenced a mother to eight years in prison for killing her husband.

Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika found Merilyn Dege, 25, from Boromei village, in Gumine, Chimbu, guilty on one count of manslaughter after a trial.

Dege will spend six years, six months and one week after the time spent in custody was deducted from the sentence.

The court found that she stabbed her husband, aged 46, with a knife. She had not intended to kill him.

Salika told Dege that the maximum penalty for manslaughter was life imprisonment.

“The reason is that you have taken a life prematurely and life imprisonment is always reserved for the worst offences,” he said.

Dege asked the court for leniency because there would be no one to look after her mother and child.

The court refused the request, saying it was not appropriate and that she should have thought about the consequences of her actions before committing the offence.

Salika told Dege that her actions were unlawful and dangerous because she went with a knife to confront her husband.

“You can have an argument but it is not right for you to bring a knife along,” he said. “Knives are meant for other purposes.”

 but you have used it for the wrong purpose and took away the life of your husband.”

She will serve her term at Barawagi jail in Chimbu.