Mums thank O’Neill for attending service

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 MOTHERS in the Highlands region have praised Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for paying respect to the late Schola Kakas and attending her funeral service along with some of his cabinet ministers.

Southern Highlands Council of Women leader Margaret Kawa said Kakas was the president of the National Council of Women and what the government did had brought them tears of joy.

She said Highlands women had not been regarded highly nor respected as they had deserved during funeral services but this was a new chapter in their lives as they saw that the O’Neill government was there to promote gender equality.

“We mothers deserve respect from the community we hailed from. People forgot how special we were. We are the backbone of this country,” she said.

Kawa said she believed that the government would help the women network in the country as the arrival of high-ranking delegates at the funeral service of a women leader was something they would treasure.

“We have always talked about promoting women and gender equality but nothing has been seen done and this will be a stepping stone for everyone in the country to understand how special mothers are,” she said.