Mums treated like criminals


EVERY day is a nightmare for mothers who struggle to make ends meet by selling on the streets of Port Moresby.
They are treated like common criminals while the big fish in offices squander millions of taxpayer money.
Many average Papua New Guineans are denied employment and business opportunities while preference is given to foreign illiterates to come and run shops in the settlements and work as shopkeepers and labourers at construction sites.
That is why we have vendors everywhere.
Service delivery is not equally distributed because of the political games being played out in Waigani.
Why is the government out in full force chasing vendors and beggars off the streets? Let’s not try to pretend that we are okay.
Papua New Guinea is no way near to achieving the Vision 2050 goals and we won’t get there unless the government stops pretending and does its mandated duty to serve the people.

Hauslain Observer

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