Murder inmate wins school award


HAVING a positive mind is the driving force for convicted murderer Jeremy Yaken who graduated from Late Ombialu High School in Southern Highlands.
Yaken, an inmate at Buiebi prison, received the citizenship award and will be continuing to Mendi Day Secondary next year.
“When I first entered the correctional service, I had many thoughts as I remembered the years I would be serving and be confined in the prison but as days go by, I moved on, I forgot all my troubles and saw the prison as my home,” he said.
“I had a positive mind and had faith in the good Lord.
“Many times those prisoners who come in to serve their terms used to worry a lot and I do encourage them and tell them to have positive mind.”
Yaken, from Yakopemanda village in the Laigam-Porgera district, Enga, was escorted by two of fellow inmates from Enga – James Ruki and Peter Warun – to the graduation.
Yaken was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for murder. He has served 12 years.
He completed his grade 7 in his district and when convicted of murder, went to prison but continued with grade 9 last year without doing grade 8.
Sergeant Major Gulai Kirape told the graduating students and parents that under the Correctional Services rehabilitation programme, some inmates were lucky to have enrolled at high schools, vocational schools and one was lucky to go to the University of Goroka.
Yaken acknowledged the Buiebi Correctional Services management for their support which has led him to successfully complete his grades 9 and 10.
He also thanked his teachers, school management and the Buiebi community.

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