Murder, rape suspects escape


FIVE murder and two rape suspects escaped from the Mt Hagen Court by bulldozing away from two women officers on Friday.
The suspects fled by pushing away the two officers – one policewoman and the other a prison warden – who were trying to lock up the court holding cell.
It is not clear why only two women were assigned to guard the seven notorious detainees.
An insider who did not wish to be named said 10 detainees were in the cell when the suspected murderers and rapists pushed the door open, grabbed the court exhibits (bush knives) from the women officers and dashed for freedom.
They ran past magistrates and judges, threatening them with the bush knives, while dashing out of the court rooms.
Correctional Service acting commissioner Stephen Pokanis told The National that the Baisu Jail management had yet to report the escape to the head office.
The National tried to contact Baisu prison commander Supt Timbi Kaugla and provincial police commander Insp Jacob Kamiak for comment but they could not be reached. No security guards were present during the escape.

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