Murder, robbery scare

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 POLICE and businesses in Madang are concerned about the increase in murder and robbery cases in town recently.

Businessman Jerry Garau said so many people were killed in the past three weeks and creating panic and terror among residents and businesses.

“People are not just fighting over little things. They are actually killing each other,” Garau said.

He said the town residents were living in fear and were relying on police to arrest everyone involved so to deter others from committing these major crimes.

He said the crime spots were Biliau Maus Rot, Public Tank, Wagol and Four-Mile.

A police source agreed that there had been so many killings and police detectives were working hard to arrest those involved.

He said robbery cases had increased.

Three weeks ago, a male teacher from Biwat, in East Sepik, was murdered at Talidig, on the North Coast Road. 

His nephew was killed a week later at Wagol Fikus. The teenager was supposed to be in Grade 9 at Angoram High School and was killed while shopping in Madang for his school stationery.

Police found the body of a man at the roundabout near Biliau Maus Rot at 11pm last Friday.

At 4am on Saturday, police found another body of a man on the roadside at Umin, Amele.

Police  said Yuwa Finance was broken into and over K50,000 was taken and a Chinese-owned shop in town was robbed.

A man at Siar village, outside Madang, killed his pregnant wife.