Murder rocks community

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THE entire community of more than 5,000 people in Bumayong settlement and neighbouring Tent City is aghast at the death of a young man in Lae in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The man, in his 20s from Kabwum district, was found lying in the dirt with what looked like a hole in the back of his head.
Relatives said at the Bumayong market on Saturday morning that he had been drinking alcohol last Friday night.
They also said a lot of cash was in his possession that night.
They said the money was from the superannuation pay-out of his dead sister.
They said he had been the only sibling and had been given part of the pay-out by his brother-in-law.
News of his demise spread through the Bumayong settlement as well as into the rural Nawaeb district.
Farmers from Gobadik, Situm and Hobu returned to their villages when they head the news at the Bumayong market before 7am on Saturday.
Their fear of reprisals meant that the normally garden food-stuffed market was sparse of greens and starches including taro.
Most stalls were lightly covered with goods while some were empty.
At the bus-stop, only a few people milled about.
The atmosphere was tense.
Bumayong’s law and order committee, which is known to be the toughest in the city and police are investigating the crime with no leads yet.