Murder sparks riot in Tomba

National, Normal


THE people of Tomba, who share the border with Enga, yesterday blocked their road after a Tomba man was killed by his wife and her two cousins on Feb 4.
They also seized control of a Wabag district education office’s vehicle, which was on its way to Mt Hagen at
They are believed to have taken the law into their own hands after failing to get compensation for the killing of Peter Kuiya, who was a senior officer with the PNG Defence Force in Port Moresby.
Acting Enga provincial police commander Chief Insp Martin Lakari told The National yesterday from Tomba that tension was brought under control after he talked to Kuiya’s relatives from the Tereka Yangpil tribe.
Chief Insp Lakari said the vehicle’s keys were returned to him after he told the people to meet the relatives of the wife and her cousins for compensation talks in Wabag town today.
“I have also instructed the Wabag police station commander to talk to the relatives of the woman and her two cousins to meet with the Tomba people.”
He claimed that Kuiya’s relatives were upset and blocked the road when no form of compensation was paid by the relatives of the three accused.
“There are customary ways to resolve the matter peacefully like the paying of some form of compensation but the process of the law must be allowed to take its course.
“Taking the vehicle was not the way to solve the problem. But the Tombo people returned the vehicle after about two hours in good condition,” Mr Lakari said.
He said police would bring all parties together where Kuiya’s relatives would talk with the tribesmen of the three accused to address their problem peacefully.