Murder suspect caught in WNB

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013


POLICE in Kimbe say they have arrested a youth allegedly involved in the brutal murder of another youth on Saturday.

Provincial police commander Samson Siguyaru said: “As of Monday, after swift action, we were able to capture the suspect and he is now behind bars waiting for formal charges to be laid.”

The suspect from Bali Island, West New Britain, is alleged to have stabbed fellow villager Rave Wagelo, 19, at Kimbe section 27-Kumu Grass settlement at 11.30pm during a drunken confrontation on Saturday.

“The deceased had an argument with the suspect in the company of other youths that night and a fight ensued, resulting in the stabbing of Wagelo multiple times,” Siguyaru said.

“The suspect has been on the run for some time  and was wanted for questioning over serious offences committed in the past such as robbery and armed hold-up.”

The relatives of the deceased have relatiated and burnt down five houses and destroyed a number of food gardens belonging to the suspect’s relatives and Siguyaru urged people not to take the law into their own hands.

He said the Kumu Grass Settlement where the stabbing took place was well known for criminal activities.Police are monitoring the situation.