Murdered police officer’s tribe calls for investigation

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THE tribe of the late police officer James Boss Kewa, who was killed in Tari, Hela, last week, wants an investigation so the murderer can be identified.
Kewa, from the Walgepka tribe in the Dei electorate of Western Highlands, was allegedly killed by a woman from Chimbu in Tari.
Businessman and leader of the people of Dei James Pini condemned the killing and wants a thorough investigation.
Pini claimed that many lives from that part of the Highlands had been lost in Hela and leaders there should stand up and do something about the law and order situation in their province.
Pini brushed aside reports that the woman who killed Kewa was his wife.
He said Kews’a wife was back in the village and the woman who had killed him could be one of an employees of an expatriate operating a business in Tari.
Pini said Kewa was with Tari police and what happened at the time should be revealed to the people.
“All we want is for an investigation to be carried out to find out the reason for his killing. “This is a cold-blooded murder and justice needs to bring out the culprits who were behind his murder.”
Pini called on Hela Governor Philip Undialu, Prime Minister James Marape and MPs for Komo-Margarima and Koroba-Kopiago to address law and order issues.


  • This tribe can take it up with Chimbus, for mediation process to take place, Chimbu can bring in Hela if in the Mediation process is required at the provincial level. Lets talk about the best solution to bring peace into our communities, provinces & Nation.

    • Why Chimbus? Don’t you get it? His wife who is from Chimbu was in the village. Someone else in Hela is the killer so who it is? That’s the question that needed to be answered. Poor wife was just blamed for nothing, it seems.

  • Journalists should investigate a story properly before they write about it and publish it because now the family says that his wife was back in the village when the officer was killed in Tari. If you provide such wrong information in newspapers you could ignite a big conflict between Chimbus and Jiwakans or even Taris. So if it’s true now that he was killed by the Tari people then Tari people will have to pass through double checkpoints in Chimbu and Jiwaka. This is PNG so please be responsible and accurate in your reporting.

    • Independent Observer, stop generalising. Only one person committed the murder. Just find the sick dog and deal with him or her alone. Not everyone from Hela are murderers. When you generalise, you incite trouble. Unless you are just too dumb to apply some common sense

    • Independent Observer, you could be just too dumb for generalising. Not all Hela people are murderers. Just find the sick dog who committed this murder and the law must deal with the or her alone. When you generalise, you incite trouble. Same goes for that silly journalist who blame the Chimbu wife, who was never in Tari at the time of the murder.

  • Independent Observer, not all Tari people are murderers. When you generalise, you incite trouble. If you are properly educated, you would use your common sense. What is needed now is, find the sick dog who committed this murder and the law must deal with him or her alone. Same goes for that journalist who blamed the Chimbu wife who was never in Tari at the time of the murder.

  • Tari’s are not murders ,however , are in their aggressive mindset when triggered to do so. This is what is general about Tari’s . There is lot of news about murders by Tari’s in Hela and through out PNG for various reason. Again for Tari’s to be generalize as murders it does not go well with them. I want to appeal to Tari’s, that don’t be offended when you are generalized as murderers but accept the fact that this should help self assess your selves and see what it is that make Tari’s to murder even for very trivial things. I believe this will help us change the way we think and seek God’s help to change the way we think and do things to hurt people by murdering.

  • Independent Observer, If the death of Officer Kewa is not taken by first wife, then WHO?
    Sorry to say that but polygamous marriage have taken so many lives of young vibrant leaders, businessmen/women of this country. We have to put a stop to it.
    God has given us marriage, let’s respect it and honour it. God has set boundaries to work within. If we step out of the boundaries then enemies are roaming around the perimeters of our boundaries to devour us and we will be the victim of our own decision and put our innocent families, clan, tribes in stress.

  • The media is the fourth estate of democracy in a democratic nation like PNG. It’s influence goes far and wide. Therefore, responsible journalism and reporting is demand by the public especially in a country such as PNG where people are closely knitted to family ties, tribal and clan affiliations, and our wantok system safety net.
    One single misreporting or even getting a sentence or wording wrong and it can trigger a cannon ball of events to the detriment of society and welfare and safety of other innocent people.
    Sensationalizing media stories and reports is uncalled for in PNG. Many of our reporters in all media outlets lack investigative journalism. We must report on facts and remove stereotype reporting practice.

    • Thanks Freddy, wise way of assessing situations and providing well articulated suggestion for improvement. Well done.

  • Death is right at the door step, today as we are approaching into 2020, so many are dying, in a tribe in a single day, 2-3 are dying which is unusual, what is happening is a misery, on top of what we are facing, CONVID 19 at our door steps, lets focus on how best we can control these so we live longer, there is something that is not right, lets find out……….

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