Murdered student a loss for Hela


TODAY some of us join in grief with the students of Tari Secondary School who mourn the loss of a young man, inspired to get educated and become a leader.
His life has been cut short in secondary school, well, slaughtered in the name of tribal revenge. Hela proudly became a separate province in May 2012.
We hold in the highest respect the founding fathers for giving back to our generation the true Hela identity.
What happened to the values of our forefathers who founded the province? While I reflect on the lawless slaughter of this student in Tari Secondary in the Tari-Pori electorate of Hela, I call on the public to stand up against this form of violence.
This innocent child needs justice!
And many more children, women and innocent lives deserve peace, security and wholeness.
There is no need to live in fear, threats, intimidation and violence especially in a place where one calls home.

Shila Yukuli Paia
PhD Candidate

One thought on “Murdered student a loss for Hela

  • Its all in the head..Hela has a near permanent head damage (PhD) out of control!

    Need a lot of work to change the mentality! It might be easy to chop someone’s head off its body but the repercussions are ETERNAL damnation.

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