Murderer back in jail for 25 years for rape


A JUDGE has sentenced a man to 25 years imprisonment for raping a woman who had asked him to protect her family from village youths, saying he had betrayed her trust.
National Court judge Danajo Koeget told Peter Marase, 42, of Karama village in Gulf, that he had already served five years in jail for murder and should have learnt his lesson.
Justice Koeget said Koeget had used a knife to threaten the woman before raping her.
“She was cheated and now traumatised, and her reputation is tarnished,” the judge said.
“She will not live a happy married life should the husband learn of the incident.
“Because of that, a 25-year sentence is imposed with hard labour.”
The woman, a teacher at the Karama Primary School, had on May 3 this year requested Marase to come to her house because some youths in the village had been causing trouble.
The court heard that Marase, after attending to her complaint regarding the village youths, demanded to have sex with her.
The victim refused and tried to run away.
Marase chased her to a banana garden near her home, threatened her with a knife and raped her.
Justice Koeget said the maximum penalty for rape was life imprisonment.
However, he took into consideration the fact that Marase had a big family to look after – two wives and 11 children.