Murderer, thief arrested in MBP

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POLICE in Milne Bay have arrested a person for double murder and armed robbery of a local boat captain and one his crew members.
The killing and robbery took place in 2006 when the boat was anchored on the shores of Morima beach of Fergusson Island.
The suspect was arrested at KB compound in Alotau when he was involved in a drunken brawl and later brought into Alotau police station.
Police later established his real identity as the man responsible for the killings and armed robbery.
It was alleged that the suspect from Tufi, Oro province, and Fergusson Island, Milne Bay province, shot the boat captain and one of his crew members and robbed their belongings that same year.
Police had also recovered the gun used in the incident, provincial police commander Snr Insp Lincoln Gerari said yesterday. 
He said police had made further arrests of four suspects for being in possession of pearl shells.
Snr Insp Gerari added that with the assistance from the drug squad officers from Port Moresby, they managed to obtain the pearl shells which were suspected of having been stolen during an armed robbery on Sept 13, at pearl farm in Samarai Island, Milne Bay.
This brings to a total of five arrested and charged with the pearl robbery.
Investigations continue while police have yet to arrest the real robbers.