Museum plan revealed

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TOURISM and Culture Minister Charles Abel has said the export of the WWII B17-E relic, better known as the Swamp Ghost, was a good deal.
“The export is to save the Swamp Ghost and have a replica to display in a proposed Modern History Museum featuring a recreation area,” he said.
These plans, he said, were the course of action he would be taking with the National Museum and Art Gallery.
There are other such relics in hand or in the bush that are not properly housed, he said.
A restored Douglas Boston light bomber is in Brisbane awaiting shipment back to PNG, while two fighter aircraft, a Japanese Kawasaki “Tony” and an American P38 Lightening, are still being restored in Australia for the museum.
 “There will be no further export of war relics, except for parts needed for our two aircraft undergoing restoration in Australia,” he said.
The museum will  a have a gift shop and large  reception area.