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ENGAGING youths in musical activities is another effective way to keep them away from negative influences.
Anglican youth leader Gilbert Ajama of Dea village, Afore district, Oro province, pointed this out during the closing of a one-week  inter-denominational church youth
musical workshop hosted
at Sinabu Renewal church centre in Afore last month.
Mr Ajama expressed satisfaction that youths could discover their talents from God through many meaningful activities.
He urged Government agencies and church leaders to conduct similar training to attract youths from rural areas.
He also called on the youths to practise what they learnt in their local churches
More than 70 youths from the nearby villages of Dea, Ugunome, Tabuane and Koeno, attended.
Organisers Roxa Awara and Menson Kavu said that was the first ever training in this area to develop music talents.
They added that during the course, participants were given theory and practical lessons.