Muthuvel aims to lift standard


STATE Enterprises Minister Sasindran Muthuvel says he wants cheaper, better communication services from the State-owned companies for the people of Papua New Guinea.
Muthuvel, in response to questions raised on social media regarding communications, he said he remained open to achieve this using the existing assets.
Muthuvel said he was committed to protecting the local entities such as Telikom PNG, bmobile and PNG DataCo and local jobs.
He said he had taken on the role as minister to make a difference and carry out the Government’s reform agenda.
In reference to the use of Huawei, Muthuvel said the Chinese tech giant was the current communications equipment vendor.
“All major communication companies in PNG – bmobile, Telikom and Digicel – use Huawei.
“The two State-owned mobile networks (bmobile and Telikom) are both Huawei equipped.
“I was asked by the Marape-Steven Government to reform the state-owned enterprises and I remain dedicated.
“This is an enormous task, given years of interference and poor decision making.
“If the social media misfits want to criticise me, then fine. Come to my office and tell me in person,” he said.
Muthuvel said the government owed the Exim Bank of China K1.6 billion (US$470m) – K706.92 ($200m) for NBN1 and K954.34m (US$270m) for the Kumul undersea cable.
He said there was also a need for Telikom (4G) and bmobile (2G and 3G) to integrate their networks and operating systems to create a more efficient system and better service for the people.
He said when the government took the loan from Exim bank all projects were done by Huawei and Telikom and bmobile saddled with Huawei’s equipment and left them no choice but to go to them for network integration.


  • Come on SASI, Your 4G and Bmobile is not working. Not enough coverage for the users and also the sim can not be used as it state invalid.

  • Hope the SOE minister & ICT minister are communicating clearly….interestingly Exim Bank and Huawei are mentioned again here by the SOE minister..

    “The ICT minister also says this in today’s paper; “The National Data Centre set up in 2011 has been called a “Failed Govt Investment” – was set up by the previous Government through a China Exim bank loan arrangement, where Huawei technology was adopted….

  • Coming from nuku district in sandaun province having Telikom simcard or Bmobile simcard is useless, sitting inside my ages hoping to connect with my family in Lae or madang or kiunga. Telikom na Bmobile bilong yupla ol city lain. Yu tok long Digicel yes. Minister and others, stop talking nonsense and let your words do the talking. Stop preaching about Bmobile simcard and Telikom wasting much time, effort and money. When will i see the bemobile and Telikom SIGNAL TOWERS BE SETUP IN NUKU AND LUMI .? WAIT FOR 50 YEARS OF PNG INDEPENDENCE KAM NA YU PUTIM? START DO THE TALIKNG, . YUSIM KUNDU GARAMUT YET.

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