Muthuvel joins Namah to fight corruption

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The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

WEST New Britain Governor-elect Sasindran Muthuvel has expressed satisfaction being in coalition with Belden Namah and his PNG party.
He said in Kokopo last Friday that he was honoured to be with a team that was “determined” and guided with principles.
He said it was always an impression given through the media that MPs have to be in the government side to be able to bring more developments to the people they represent.
“However, I want to be in a team with some principles that want to fight against corruption whether we form the government or remain as opposition,” he said.
He added he joined hands with his Coalition for Reform Party leader and Kandrian-Gloucester open MP-elect Joseph Lelang to support Namah’s fight against corruption.
“I am taking this stand now to support a team with a great cause,” Muthuvel said.
Lelang said they were at Namah’s camp “by choice.”
“We are here to determine what sort of future we want for PNG in terms of governance, our economy and development in all areas,” he said.
“People are fed up of the usual practice of old leaders who tend to take things lightly when in parliament.
“I have no interest in ministries. So long as I am an MP, I will do what is right to serve my people and I will do what is right with the group that is prepared to do right.”
“It is not over yet until it is over,” Lelang said.