Muthuvel outlines priorities

Islands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 04th September 2012

WEST New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel outlined some of his priority projects and policies for the long-term well-being of the province in his first full briefing with heads of all provincial divisions last Friday.
A first-time MP, he consulted various organisations and departments such as the Department of Agriculture, Water Board and the Indian Embassy to seek expert advice and assistance.
Among the immediate projects were a fish market in Kimbe and securing 150 heads of cattle for livestock in the province.
Muthuvel also consulted the communication division for  improved communication links to enable a wider coverage of NBC West New Britain, setting up of Kundu 2 and a wider coverage of EMTV.
He acknowledged the achievements of the past government and assured the people that projects budgeted for would be implemented.
In the briefing with the senior officers, the governor spelt out some policies that had formulated after realising the needs in rural areas.
The policies include empowering the rural population through sustainable agriculture and rural industries, decentralisation of the oil palm industry, education for everyone, including the concept of Barefoot College. Under this initiative, those who have not gone through any formal education will be taught life skills, a concept which is popular in India and Africa.
These life skills would involve such training as, how to drill the ground and get water, how to set up solar panel, how to crush oil palm and copra to obtain oil and how to make peanut butter and jam among other things.
Other policies include rural electrification using renewable energy such as steam and solar, acceptable health facilities, hygienic and clean drinking water, strengthening law and order, justice and village court system and strengthening infrastructures in the province.
such as road networks, wharves, jetties and airstrips, and strengthening communication.
Muthuvel appealed to senior public servants to work with his government to make a difference in the lives of the people.
Provincial administrator Steven Raphael said public servants should ensure that government policies were implemented.