MVIL presents K50m to NCDC for better roads in POM

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 PORT Moresby residents can expect better roads after the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd gave K50 million to the National Capital District Commission to repair and upkeep the city’s thoroughfares.

State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah handed over a cheque to NCD Governor Powes Parkop witnessed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, Moresby NorthWest MP Michael Malabag, plus representatives of MVIL and NCDC.

City manager Leslie Alu said it was a shot in the arm for the NCDC which needed up to K900 million for road works but was only allocated K100 million by the Government.

“The Government approved K100 million in this year’s budget appropriation,” he said.

“The appropriation was put into a trust account but because road works cost K800 to K900 million, we needed some more funds so the contribution by MVIL will help us a lot. The K100 million is almost gone now,” Alu said.

‘We need additional funding to help us pay contractors.”

Micah said the K50 million contribution was a change from the old days at MVIL when fraud and misappropriation was the order of the day.

“MVIL has a legacy of funds being used in Australia, and on investments that were not relevant to its business.

“The prime minister has directed that monies from MVIL must be directed at road infrastructure,” he said.

“The more roads we build, the more vehicles, the less accidents we have and MVIL, money will accumulate.

“That is the strategy that we are working together on.

“This is an investment.”

MVIL chairman Dr Ken Ngangan said it was an open secret that the organisation had been beset with problems.

“MVIL, as you know, has had a problem past,” he said.

“We’ve put that behind us and we’re looking forward.

“This is a result of the government’s decision to put together a professional board.

“Within five months, we’ve been able to put together K50 million.”