NA’s Isoaimo leading poll counts

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The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 National Alliance Party candidate Peter Namea Isoaimo continued to lead the Kairiku-Hiri by-election after count 36 yesterday.

Isoaimo had 12,441 votes and People’s National Congress Party candidate Paru Ahi was still second with 12,317 but closing in on the leader.

In count 36 Isoaimo received 141 votes while Ahi got a 1,133.

Henao Iduhu of United Resource Party got 8,562 votes and independent candidate Saraga Saki Hanua’s 7,057 put them  third and fourth respectively.

In count 35, Isoaimo collected 158 votes to bring his total votes up to 12,300 and Ahi got only 50 to raise his total votes up to 11,184.

The counting was suspended yesterday afternoon and was expected to begin today at 8 am.

Only three ballot boxes for the first preference votes are expected to be completed today.