NA confirms Namah’s resignation

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The National Alliance party president Simon Kaiwi said the national executive committee of the party has accepted the resignation of Belden Namah from the party and at the same time, has expelled Abau MP Sir Puka Temu.
According to the statement, Sir Puka and Namah are no longer members of the National Alliance party.
The integrity of political parties and candidates commission has been advised of the decision as well as the office of the speaker.
“On behalf of the party, we wish them every success in their political careers. We wish to also sincerely thank them for their valuable contributions to the growth and maturing process of the party,” Kaiwi said.
Meanwhile, the National Alliance members of parliament from the Papua region met and elected Ano Pala, the Member for Rigo and the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General as the new deputy parliamentary leader representing the Papua region on Tuesday.
The party also accepted the Samarai Murua MP, Gordon Wesley, as a member of the party.
However, the party is considering requests from several other MPs who have either resigned from their respective political parties or who are in the process of doing so to join the party.
“As soon as the consultation process is completed, the party will announce the other new members,” the statement said.