NA party appoints Momase branch execs

National, Normal

The National, Monday 05th December 2011

THE National Alliance Party is gearing up to the 2012 general election by launching its Momase regional branch.
Party leader Don Polye launched the branch in Madang last Friday and named provincial execu­tives Emil Gamog as president, Wilfred Muturam as vice-president, Peter Andoi as treasurer and Bobob Gatedai as secretary.
Polye named Madang businessman John Buri as deputy party president of the Momase Region.
He said NA party had
started the process of clean­ing it up by review­ing and formulating its
policies to meet the needs of the people today.
He said the party platform would be:
l    Human resource development and employment;
l    Diversified economy-developing a middle class economy;
l    Improvement in health and quality of lifestyle;
l    Foreign policy and modernising strategic partnerships;
l    Internal and international security improvements;
l    Leadership and integrity;
l    Heritage and harmony: and,
l    Infrastructure deve­lopment.
Polye said that he would be leading the party into the election based on those platforms which would be discussed during regional conventions.
The Momase regional convention and the NGI regional convention were held in Madang and Kimbe respectively.
The Southern regional convention will be held in Alotau today and tomorrow.
The Highlands regional convention will be held in Wabag on Wednesday and Thursday.
Polye said although there was anxiety and confusion created by the opposition MPs and the displaced former national executives of the NA party, the new team comprising the executive and parliamentary wing under his leadership was intact.
He said the party was in the process of re­moving “bad apples who destroyed the NA party’s reputation and to be cleansed of corruption and perpetrators”.
Polye called on MPs and executives to put their differences aside and work together.
Polye and the newly-appointed party
executives agreed to have the party name changed.