NA warned to deal with issue carefully

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The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THE National Alliance party has been warned to be careful over its handling of the current political split following the sacking of senior government ministers William Duma and Don Polye by the acting prime minister.
Hagen MP Duma was stripped of the petroleum and energy ministerial portfolio while Polye, who is Kandep MP, lost foreign affairs and immigration.
Eastern Highlander and NA party life member Raisis Klink Gorndawe also asked clerk of parliament Don Pandan to check on the legality of Wabag MP Sam Abal as acting prime minister.
NA supporter Ben Noel said parliament would need to be recalled to
elect a new prime minister.
“With its numbers intact, NA should allow its four regional leaders to contest the prime ministerial post as outlined in its party constitution,” Gorndawe said.
Both men also did not agree with the sacking of Polye, claiming that this week’s events might lead
to NA losing its popularity in the highlands.
They said it was important that Duma and Polye be reinstated to their ministerial posts.