NADP helps Wasu coffee farmers

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ALANGAMBU coffee project of Wasu, in Tewai-Siassi electorate, Morobe, has benefited from the National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP) by purchasing factory machinery parts from overseas to refurbish their factory.
The parts and two elevator machines were among five crates bought with K50,000 NADP funds allocated by the local MP Vincent Michaels.
 The parts were bought last year from a manufacturer in India and shipped to the country and they arrived at Wasu in the middle of this year.
After they are fitted the mill would be operational.
Alangambu Coffee’s chairman Winsum Minewa said coffee growers in the Wasu area last month said that they have not been able to process their coffee to international requirements.
He hoped to achieve that when their new factory is operating.
The coffee mill, located at Neng village, uphill from Wasu along the Wasu-Kabwum road, was constructed by the growers mainly out of bush material.
The money used in the coffee project was half of the K100,000 allocated by the MP from the K1 million NADP for the district. The other K50,000 will go towards cocoa projects.
Fish projects in Wasu and Siassi sub-districts each received K100,000, while the three LLGs Wasu, Suassi and Sialum shared a K50,000 funding for piggery and another K50,000 for cattle projects in their respective areas.
The rehabilitation of the Siassi Development Corporation plantation at Gizarum on Siassi Island and the Sialum abattoir were each allocated a K100,000 funding.
Two vehicles have been purchased at a cost of K200,000 and allocated to agriculture development work in Siassi and Wasu.
Michaels said he was setting aside funds for more agriculture projects in NADP fund allocations for next year.