Naemon stabbed to death

National, Normal

NEWLY-appointed chairman of Morobe’s Lands and Physical Planning board George Naemon was stabbed to death in a horrific attack on Saturday night in Lae.
The news sent shockwaves through the Lae community yesterday.
Mr Naemon, from Kwahwie village in Yangoru, East Sepik province, was apparently attacked with a bayonet which struck him in the head and neck.
He died soon after from heavy loss of blood.
According to relatives in Lae, Naemon was in the company of other relatives at the Tapiok Club at Tent city resettlement camp, when he was attacked by another group of people from Yangoru.
A architect from Morobe province, who worked with Mr Naemon during his short time as chairman of the Lands and Physical Planning board, described his late colleague as a committed person who wanted nothing more than getting his job done properly and according to the rules and bylaws governing physical planning and town development.
“We are shocked and lost for words, Morobe has lost a great young man from Sepik who was here to help us,” he said.
Mr Naemon is married with several children.
He was the chief technical officer of the University of Technology’s mechanical engineering department until his sacking a year go over differences with his superiors.
He had sought redress through the National Court over his sacking from Unitech, which is still pending.