Naig calls for unity in PNGTA

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THE PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) has been urged to work closely with the provincial education boards of the four Momase provinces.
Sandaun provincial education adviser Coretta Naig, when refuting claims by the PNGTA Momase secretariat that there were no meetings by all provinces this year, said her province had always had quarterly meetings.
 Mrs Naig said this year the department had changes in the adviser’s position which consequently led to the first quarter meeting being missed.
In the second quarter, there was a change in the administration which affected district education officers who were also on the board.
For that reason, the second quarter meeting in the province was delayed.
“Changes in the administration always affect the meeting schedules,” he said
Mrs Naig said the third and final quarter meetings were held on schedule.
She called on the PNGTA Regional Momase secretariat to work more closely and strengthen communication ties with the four provincial education offices in the region.
By doing so, she said it would be able to keep itself abreast of issues affecting teachers in the region.
PNGTA Momase Regional secretary Mathew Pobaya said  the PEB was an authority in provinces and should hold meetings as sanctioned under the Education and Teachers Services Commission (TSC) Act with the law.
“The PEB should meet and discuss issues that are affecting schools, teachers and the community in each province,” Mr Pobaya said.
In Morobe, acting provincial education adviser for Morobe Waria Ganeki said due to the changes in the provincial administration, the PEB was unable to hold the required number of meetings.