Nalau urges administration to discuss issues

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


MOROBE Deputy Governor Judas Nalau has urged the provincial administration to engage in open dialogue rather than shifting blame in the media. 

Comments made by the provincial administrator and programme adviser against the provincial government’s Christian Churches Partnership (MPG-CCPP) Programme prompted Nalau to seek a smoother solution. Nalau said: “When one comes out in media and says Morobe provincial government, it includes us all from both administration and Tutumang (provincial assembly).

“It’s proper to come face to face in a round table dialogue to discuss and understand where we go wrong, what can we do to fix the mistakes.

“We have to move together with a collective consensus.”

Nalau said from the K5 million MPG-CCPP fund, only K3 million was budgeted and K2 million was diverted to balance Gerson-Solulu tertiary students’ scholarship programme.

“It is understood that district services improvement programme and other national grants mainly focus on priority projects, including health, education, law and order, agriculture, infrastructure and economy sectors only.

“Where in these national and provincial grants under social sector are church, women, youth, Sunday school, tourism and hospitality included?”

He said the governor’s cabinet initiated the MPG-CCPP to ensure that a tenth of provincial internal revenue was offered as tithes.