Nali commends firms working on Highlands highway

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WORKS and Implementation Minister Michael Nali has commended companies working on the K3 billion Sustainable Highlands Highway Investment programme for the work they are doing.
Nali said it was a daunting task to fix the unstable sections, especially along the Chimbu portion.
“The unstable sections of the Highlands highway will only be sealed once they are stabilised,” he said.
“The unstable Chimbu sections are (making it) difficult for contractors. But they are young civil engineers working hard to get the sections stabilised.”
Contractors are working in three 430km tranches from Nadzab near Lae to Kagamuga near Mt Hagen.
The programme is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and PNG Government under the Sustainable Highlands Highway Investment programme.
Nali said the highway was built in the 70s without taking into account climate change and associated problems.
He thanked the Asian Development Bank for funding the 10-year programme.
“After years of neglect some sections have gone far beyond repair. To repair these sections is not easy. We managed to get through to tranche one. I am happy with the progress,” Nali said.


  • There are many good Simbu citizens but few selfish and uncivilized people deliberately causing this should be shame of themselves and stop their stupid deliberate actions. Go till the land and get money rather than looking for free handout.

  • Minister Nali.
    You might want to also find out how many kilometers of sealed road are being covered on a monthly or weekly basis by the contractors before you commend them.

    From the way the construction work is going, it’s too slow. About 80 % of the Highlands Highway is yet to be sealed between Mt Hagen and Nadzab. All regular highway users will agree with this statement.

    The Department of works officers must be on site on a weekly basis for routine inspection and ensure contractors do not waste a lot of time in the same area. Its been more than six months and only less than 2km of road has been sealed between Faniufa and Korofeigu DPI station. The same thing is happening elsewhere along the highway.

  • Menewi Gene your comment is 100% correct..My point of view every time I travel this people working on the road they use survey equipment all the time since they started.. And cutting bushes on the sides of the road.
    So the reality is 20% road as been complete.

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