Nali tells MPs to avoid incomplete projects in their districts, provinces


Works and Implementation Minister Michael Nali has called on fellow MPs and ministers to involve the Works and Implementation Department in road projects in their districts and provinces to avoid incomplete projects.
Nali made the statement after Raicoast MP Peter Sapia asked if the Works and Implementation Department had any plans in completing two incomplete bridges and a road in the Raicoast district.
Nali clarified that Works and Implementation was not involved in the project at its initial stage and did not know much about it.
“The previous minister had plans of building two bridges, did not involve the department, we have no knowledge of the project,” he said.
“We know only that the minister engaged a Korean company to build the bridges and that the bridge was not completed,” he added. Nali reminded Parliament that his department was responsible for looking after all roads and said that ministers must involve his department in projects so that whenever there was a shortfall, it could step in easily to help complete the project.
He also invited Sapia to write to his office so that they could sit down and discuss how best to address the issue and complete the road and construction of the two bridges.
“I am also calling on the Raicoast member to put in some money from DSIP (district services improvement programme funds) as the road is in his district and we will also put in some money to complete the road and bridges.”