Namah’s camp says game still on

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The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

MEMBERS of Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah’s Kokopo camp are saying the chess game to form the country’s next government is far from over.
Although Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio yesterday officially invited PNC leader Peter O’Neill to form the next government, they were not viewing the occasion as checkmate on their hopes.
Namah’s supporters say the end game will come tomorrow when parliament decides who will be the prime minister.
Some members from the discarded deputy prime minister’s camp began arriving late yesterday in the nation’s capital showing few signs of tension and were in a relaxed mood.
Gazelle MP and Melanesian Liberal Party candidate Malakai Tabar said that the game was still on and would only be over when a new government was formed.
“At the moment we cannot say that the game is over … we will say it is over when it is over (when the actual government is formed),” he said.
Namah has made similar comments that government was formed on the floor of Parliament and not anywhere else.
Namah and his coalition partners believe that they will lure more MPs even as the clock is ticking.
They believe that over the course of the next 24 hours, there is still a chance the course of the game can be changed.
The Namah camp cancelled a press conference yesterday but is likely to call one today.