Namah’s demand for new PM illogical

Letters, Normal

The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OPPOSITION leader Belden Namah’s demand that parliament evoke relevant constitutional provisions and elect a new prime minister is illogical.
To start with, Namah and the opposition must not forget that the chief’s name is deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of many Papua New Gui­neans irrespective of all
the bad publicity and poli­tical point scoring games that have been going on.
We expect an opposition leader who is balanced and who can address every situation on merit.
Sir Michael Somare is in hospital and parliament has granted leave of ab­sence for the prime mi­nister.
PNG expects Namah to respect the father of the na­tion in this critical mo­ment.
Bulldozing a disrespectful and illogical agenda like this will do more harm to the opposition, Namah and his party in next year’s general election.
My respect for Namah and the opposition is fast deteriorating.
I am sure many Papua New Guineans will question the real motive behind the demand for a new prime minister when there is an acting prime minister and the general election is less than 12 months away.
Clearly, the opposition’s hidden agenda is to cause division among the current coalition partners to create an opportunity for the opposition to form government.
What is Namah hoping to achieve in 12 months?
The people are watching. Get back to work as opposition leader and stra­tegise for the general election next year to win more hearts and minds.

Kunanaku Yalstainde