Namah’s traits make him worthy of respect

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 PLEASE allow me some space to express my views in response to Kul Wara’s letter titled “Namah a dangerous man” (Jan 27). 

If the writer had read or followed the events that unfolded before and after the opposition leader was elected into parliament, he would know and realise who Belden Namah is. 

The writer’s  portrayal of  the  leader as a dangerous man comes with  no  proper knowledge. 

Despite having little support, as the majority of the opposition  moved over to the government’s side for greener pastures, Namah possesses the ability  to  think  beyond  his  own  needs  and  goals and is  able  to  act for  all. 

Namah takes risks because  he  is  a great leader. A great leader uses negative  motivation if  positive motivation is not working. 

Namah is a man of integrity and a person who risked  his life as well as sacrificed his family for this country and for you to enjoy life when he was in the army and now an MP. 

Therefore,  he is worthy of admiration and respect. 

If  you  eat  with  him, stay with  him  and  chat with him for a few hours, you will find it very difficult to leave him. 


Port Moresby