Namah: Arrest Marape too

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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has called on police to arrest everyone involved in the purchasing of the two diesel generators from Israel in 2014 – including then finance minister James Marape.
Namah said only Peter O’Neill, the prime minister at the time, had been arrested.
He is now facing one count of abuse of office, one count of official corruption and one count of misappropriating K50 million of public funds.
O’Neill was arrested last Saturday at the Jackson Airport on his return from Australia.
He was granted bail during a special court sitting on Saturday.

James Marape

Marape, now the prime minister, said this week he would not stop police from arresting anyone including himself when investigating matters of public concern.
He said he would explain in court, as a State witness, his role in the K50m saga.
Namah said the six-year investigation “into a simple process and procedural matter and the arrest of a single high-profile person who was the immediate former prime minister speaks of political motivation and interference”.
He said it was public knowledge that he had lodged the complaint in 2014 against the purchase of the two diesel generators from Israel for K50 million (later revised upwards to K94 million).
“That was six years ago, but no action was taken against O’Neill or any of the individuals involved until last weekend,” Namah said.
“And only O’Neill has been arrested.
“What about all the persons, public or private, who were involved in the transaction?”
Namah said Marape, as the finance minister then, had signed the Section 61 instrument “which set aside the normal procurement procedures”.
“If that is so, then he is a definite person of interest who has a paper trail on this case.
“He ought to be arrested and questioned as well,” Namah said.
Namah called on the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate to arrest and charge Marape.


  • Police Must Arrest Marape for the law to be transparent. If not, this is all political involvement, so the office of Anti corruption will always be in question.

  • No one is above the law. They all need to be arrest. We need to sort out all this argument now. Please do things right. This is the call now to judges and police.

  • If Marape is left out of this picture, then this is a very clear political witch hunt. Everyone involved in this saga must be questioned and arrested. Whoever involved in this is very dirty and none of them can be trusted until proven guilty by the court. If this is not a political blame game, then let there be fairness and transparency in the process.

  • Arrest James Marape too and those who involved. If nothing happening, something is wrong with NFACD and should be investigated. Why leave behind if James Marape is a finance minster and signatory to the account? This government is wich hunting targeted persons and all tax payers money will be paid to unnecessary courts to lawyers.


  • yes everyone involved should be answerable because in one way or the other, knowingly went along with it.

  • PM has announced that no one, including himself, is exempt.
    If he does get arrested, we should see many more heads start to roll…..interesting times

  • Arresting any of our politicians for corruption shows a deep disrespect for Papua New Guinean culture. Corruption is an essential facet of our lifestyle and should be encouraged. The only way to get rich in this country is to become an MP and gain access to foreign aid and development funds, so at every election we decide whom among us most deserves to enrich themselves in this way. Anybody expecting the pollies to act for the common good is incredibly naive. It’s called democracy and we should all applaud the aspirational energy of our great and good.
    If all our dishonest politicians were arrested, the jails would be full and parliament empty. And what would we do with all our crooked politicians in prison, start electing women? That is something to be avoided at all costs.

  • BN has no constructive ideas to develop this nation, except look for faults in each member, I wonder what will he be when appointed as an executive officer of this nation.
    should he be saying “MS/PO/JM did this before I come to this office”

    • GS1, that is what i see of BN. He is just Mr. Bark/Shout. He once toppled the Somare Government & had the very opportunity to be the Prime Minister of the Nation but see himself not fit and threw it to Oneil. Now, he is doing the same old thing to hold everyone to question and even removal of PMJM. He himself is scared to hold the highest position when it was presented and now if he is going to do this then, its likely he is going to pass it on to Oneill. What a shame!!!

    • JK, it is the role of the police to question Marape if his involvement was questionable and then he can be arrested just like oneil.

  • everyone should be arrested. we are all abide by the jurisdiction of this country

  • PMJM will still be interviewed if he was to be required by the Fraud and Ant-corruption Directorate for interview on this K50 million sage as he has publicly sewed to the people of this nation that he will not run to the court and get stay order to protect himself from arrest and interview by our law enforcers of this nation Like Belden Nama and Peter had been done so far.

  • The CHAIRMAN has been arrested but not proven GUILTY yet by the Legal Arm of this country and as such, there is no exception for all those who have played a part in purchasing the two generators. For fairness, everyone SHOULD BE ARRESTED, even the current Prime Minister too. If the current Government is serious in taking back PNG then let JUSTICE takes its cause.

  • If Marape is arrested then who will be the PM, Belden Nemah?
    Laughing joke, Rocky.

  • Justice System in PNG are beyond next level.. Hearing Bail case in the middle of the night from 7pm – 03am. Lawyers and Judges already been remote controlled by Politicians.

  • JM will not arrest cause head of Government was PO and not JM during that time. JM will not sign off this K50 million if PO no givim tok orit , PO will be the one who going to responsible for this.

  • Marape and O’Neill were a team for many years. Marape knows O’Neill’s secretes and vice versa. This is dirty PNG politics at its best. Now they sleep and fuck together in one political bed, tumoro they act and pretend as if nothing had happened. Marape is a smart talker but not as cunning as O’Neill. And yes, he has a lot of diet in his hands. Best example is the 2017 national elections. You people still remember won was the first candidate to be declared a winner?
    So, if PNG is serious about fighting corruption then Marape should also be investigated.
    And by the way…, If you want to really dig deep into corruption allegations then 90% of all MOs would be in jail by now.
    Namah would also be among them. He likes to.make a kite of noise by shouting and pointing fingers at other but he seems to forget that he himself is one of the most corrupt politicians in PNGs history. He needs to be investigated as well, especially in relation to his dealings with logging companies

  • re-arrest and lock-up pita onil for suppressing his arrest for 6 years using position. he has to answer for this separately.

  • PO will spill the beans in court. He has lost his power and pride. He will make sure none of his previous mates enjoy the same privileges and power.
    Come on PO, show PNG that you are not the only corrupt politician. At least something good must come out of a bad situation.
    Mr O’Neil has this opportunity to reveal all and set the record straight and set a new course for this great nation.

  • PO only planned the plot and JM as Finance Minister pulled the trigger so why should the trigger happy PMJM say he is going to be the witness..?? Should the planner or the trigger happy guy opt to be a state witness. I think both should face the court together and bring others to be witnesses. PMJM must keep to his preaching and face questioning by fraud squad then be arrested to face court just the same way as PO. The others people involved in this saga should also face the law. If the courts find them not guilty than be it!

  • in this case, marape was finance minister, “em lilik mangi tumas”including all paliarmentary members that time, there is a structure ” A CHAIN OF COMMAND” head of authorities, PMPO,NEC and PNGPOWER strike the deal. now National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate has to look into trio party, infavour of Marape.. PMJM is part and parcel just because he is in fix position for signatory. he do want he was command to do sow,..

    Let them all be the victimised to the show and proven innocent and their guilty when it comes to justice…

  • outlook,
    mi lukim osem, nau ba igat narapela nupla gavman,, oniel na mekere bin stap ausie. during their arrival to pom, they arrest Oniel…. look into the situation now. obviously kinda suspicious .

  • BN will be the best opposition leader for this nation, he will fight at that side for check and balance and put new governments in and check them still.
    Anyway the law used fairly to all involved.

  • The good thing is, PMJM has admitted to write his part of the story which he further said that the prime ministers office will not be used for his benefit in the inquiry. Whilst that is the case, Marape was finance minister then, however, he only followed orders from Oneill and NEC and at many occasions he was used by Oneill as rubber stamp & under the shadows of his position as the Finance minister, Oneill orchestrated every big moves and I believe everything will come to light when Marape presents his story. In saying so, no one is perfect and the only avenue to see who played the integral part will be thru the interpretation of the law of this nation.

  • Justice need to served on those individuals found guilty by the courts. The concern I have is that the law at most times favour the elites. PNG has two Justice systems, one for the elite and another for the roots………..

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