Namah condemns policy


THE Marape Government’s new policy on school fees is causing a lot of confusion and creating chaos,” Opposition Leader and Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah says.
Namah said that when the Government passed the National Budget last year, they said that Government would only pay 50 per cent of the school fees.
“And now he is saying that the Government will pay 63.6 per cent of the school fees and parents will pay 33.3 per cent,” Namah said.
“When Parliament passes something on the floor it becomes the law.
“Now he is breaking that law and increasing the 50 per cent to 63.6 per cent and the total of that and the parents’ component doesn’t even add up to 100 per cent,” he said.
Namah also condemned the higher education loan programme (Help) which would enable students to get loans to pay for their university and college education fees, saying that it would fail.
Namah said the country needed to invest more in education and the Government had to put in place a system that could actually work.