Namah disappointed with govt’s Covid-19 response


OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah is disappointed with the Government’s poor response to mitigating the current surge in Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.
“I’m disappointed to discover that hospitals are running out of basic emergency equipment (needed) to treat Covid-19 patients,” he said.
“Where has the K5.7 billion Covid-19 stimulus package gone?
“I have been calling from the beginning for funds to be spent on border provinces and for strict control on sea and air ports with international access.
“There has been no response.
“I have called without success for detailed audits on all Covid-19 funds.
“Now, we are hearing the shortage of basic equipment needed for Covid-19 treatment.
“We are (also) hearing the scare tactics of Covid-19 deaths spiking, of equipment shortages and of lockdowns and restrictions.
“I do not underestimate the seriousness of the pandemic but we cannot operate in ignorance.
“Two years is a long time to gather the most basic data on this disease to establish (its) trends and patterns.
“Only then can our response be effective.”

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