Namah, go back to school

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

PLEASE enroll Belden Namah in some politics course at the University of PNG.
I suggest he takes these core courses among other to be advised by politics science lecturers:
l International relations;
l Southeast Asian politics; andl Take logic and some psychological courses while he is at it.
Namah’s frequest and most recent outburst against the Indonesians leave a lot to be desired from a purported deputy prime minister.For a so-called graduate intelligence officer as he mentioned on EMTV news the other night, his inane comments and outburst one month after the Indonesian airspace event does not seem intelligent at all.
Toktok planti maski, go back to school and get a refresher, so you can understand international relations better. 
Via emai