Namah is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

I welcome the alliance of forme­r prime ministers which I believe will be good for the future of our country.
It holds promise that we will not see another political impasse which made us the laughing stock of the Pacific since last August.
I also hope that this alliance will not invite Belden Namah to join the new government as he is a liability.
I am convinced that Namah is not good for the country.
He aspires to be the prime mi­nister only for his own interests and to feed his lackeys.
He is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ready to pounce when given a chance.
I take comfort in Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s comments that Namah has made his political bed and he and his followers must lie in it.
Indeed, while I understand that in politics, an enemy today can be a close ally the next day, there is a limit.
I sense from his words that O’Neill is against inviting Namah to join the new government.
Namah had insulted not only O’Neill but also Sir Michael Somare and others.
While others also did that, at least they have some respect for each other.
O’Neill said he must consult his  partners and rightly so.
Such attitude augurs well for
the coalition which, unless some­thing unexpected happens, will form the new government.
With the likes of O’Neill, Sir Michael, Sir Julius Chan, Don Polye and others, this government could be our best chance to bring about stability and, with it, progress and development.
There is no doubt that the coun­try is rich in natural re­sources and the revenues earned should improve the infrastructure and basic services.
Finally, perhaps, we can now have proper roads, aid posts, hospitals, education and em­ployment opportunities

Port Moresby