Namah: PM must come clean

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The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014


OPPOSITION leader Belden Na-mah has challenged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to tell the people the real reason behind the sacking of four Cabinet ministers in the past two weeks.

He was referring to the sacking of Treasurer Don Polye, Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mark Maipakai, Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma and Higher Education Minister David Arore.

“It can’t be instability in government – it’s more than that,” he said.

Polye was sacked on Monday for “causing instability in the Government”, while Maipakai got the boot to “preserve integrity and public confidence” in government because he has a pending court case.

The sacking completes a hat-trick for the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party, the second largest coalition partner after O’Neill’s People’s National Congress.

Duma is leader of the United Resources Party.

Namah said it was disturbing for Polye and Duma to be removed, particularly when Polye was chairman of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, while Duma was spearheading PNG’s second largest LNG project to be run by French giant Total “Instability is not the question,” he told reporters.

“Polye is the chairman of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“I have no doubt he would have very expert advice about PNG in relation to the global economy. 

“He couldn’t keep quiet in Cabinet.

“This (sacking) is very suspicious.

“The (Duma) sacking is at the wrong time when PNG is about to enter into a second LNG project with Total.”

He urged Polye and Duma to explain the real reason behind their sacking.

“My appeal to my two brothers is to speak the truth (because) the truth should set you free,” he said.

Namah said the sacked ministers and Government MPs were welcome to join the Opposition.

“The Opposition door is always open.

“We have many empty seats in Opposition,” he said.

“I have six MPs with me. 

“We have not moved around in anyway, even when our DSIP has not been paid. 

“That’s leaders who stand on principles and moral ethics.”

O’Neill said on Monday that Polye’s removal “came as a result of him causing instability in the Government”. 

“I am not going to risk the economic opportunities for the people by allowing the conducts of a few to derail the stability of this Government and its policies,” he said.