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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah says there is no hospital in Port Moresby full of Covid-19 patients to warrant restrictions the Government has imposed.
“The few deaths that have been declared as Covid-19 deaths are only those with pre-existing medical conditions,” he claimed.
“Yet thousands of our people are without work.
“The education of our children have been disrupted beyond possible correction this year.
“Businesses have been disrupted and many have closed operations. The restrictions imposed on our people are causing serious impacts and disrupting activities across the country.
“The revised gross domestic product have fallen K11 billion in 2020 compared to the 2020 budget projections, the fiscal deficit has increased by K2 billion and the economy has gone into negative growth.
“Revenue has fallen by K2.7 billion and yet the government has not done enough to reduce expenditure, thus increasing the deficit to an unprecedented K6.6 billion, equivalent to 8.1 per cent GDP. This increases the pressure to borrow more or print more money – both of which options carry their own short-term and long-term negative consequences.
“One operating gold mine has been forced to close and new resource development projects are on hold. The only person who is announcing that new projects will come on stream is Prime Minister James Marape but he has absolutely no control over or say on their investment decisions.”
Namah blamed the Government and its advisers for the current mess the country was in.
“They never listened to us when the Opposition first called for a closure of our international borders for strict controls on international travels, and to declare our international ports and provinces sharing international borders as hot spots.”


  • Nama is basing his remarks on the facts that are currently affecting the lively hood of the country as a whole. Employees are getting pay cuts, laid off from work, hours/days removed/shortened etc etc…!!! this are just some of the minor issues that we are facing at this very point of time. on a bigger picture, just think of how it’s affecting the country as a whole.

  • Namah is right, so what are some alternates the government is now planing to make economics growth right on track, just because of that a lot of public servants are laid down and never been paid on time and decrease in payment, who is responsible now and when will be shorted out?

  • Nama is certainly correct there on covid-19 appears to be the nation’s daily statistic
    which is unrealistic to people of this nation.
    Where we would justify the figures without variance plus or minus to Covid-19, I’m
    not sure whether png is heading to another global perfections than my land, my country
    natural and neutral diseases real in figures.

  • How many people have died with curable diseases as compared to Covid-19 within the same time frame.
    Instead of waiting expectantly for a Covid-19 related infection and death, instead of spending so much time and money on this disease that does not have a cure, the government should concentrate on upgrading and ensuring the Health facilities are ready to handle any pandemic that may happen.
    otherwise, the country is being brought to its knees from which we may never be able to recover.
    Namah is very right in airing what everyone else is thinking!

  • He sees our future is shaky with CoVID restrictions.
    Over to the government of today to think about it.
    If it was a vote to see things back to normal, I’d second this.

  • NAMAH is actually a LUKEWARM: He was the one pushing on the Gov’t to GO ON LOCKDOWN when Covid-19 breakout and now what has gone into Him Overnight. As leaders please be SURE of your decisions and your WORDS.


    Bloody-Plastic-Self-Justified- Leaders running the country and People are victimize for something that WAS NEVER TRUE. SHAME…SHAME ON YOU LEADERS EVEN PMJM TOO!

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