Namah seeks legal advice on new electorates formed

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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah says his side of the house has sought legal advice to stay the creation of 13 new electorates in the country.
“The Constitution allows for a ceiling of only 120 (seats), Parliament approving 13 on Tuesday, gives a total number of 124 which in itself is already a breach of the Constitution,” he said.
“I believe that I have a very good case and that I will be able to successfully stay the implementation of the act that was passed for seven new seats to go into the 2022 election.”
Namah labelled the creation of the 13 new electorates as a political gimmick and a desperate pre-meditated plot for Pangu to stay in power.
He said despite the creation of 13 seats in Parliament, the Government had only chosen seven seats to be contested this general election.
Namah said Marape did not have the power to decide who got to participate and who did not.
He said by law, citizens of the six seats not taking part in this election could challenge the Government in court for their right to participate.
“There is no appropriation in the 2022 budget to cater for the 13 new offices, new office for the new Member of Parliament and all the public service structure that comes with it, there is simply no budget for it,” he said.
According to Namah, Parliament had not amended the Constitution to allow for the additional four seats on top of the 120-ceiling.
He said the service improvement programme (SIP) funds component alone would mean that the budget for the year would need to increase by K130 million as each new seat would be appropriated the required K10 million.
“Even in the past, governments could not deliver SIP and provincial services improvement programme funds on time, so where will all the money to support the new districts come from?”