Namah: Sunset Merona a disgrace

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The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 LEADER of PNG Party and Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah has described Operation Sunset Merona in Vanimo and along the PNG-Indonesia border to flush out OPM rebels as disgraceful.

Namah said certain actions of the security forces were inconsistent and contrary to the mission of operation which was to search, locate and destroy OPM camps on the PNG side of the border.

He said he had received reports that security forces were telling landowners to force logging companies operating in the area to pay compensation and road levies.

Namah, who has a logging company in the area, said this was not the job of the security forces.

“This is disgraceful. 

“It is a national disgrace for landowners to be told by security forces to set up roadblocks to collect road levies when such infrastructures are national assets.

“If they are targeting foreign workers for work permits, passports and related documents, that is fine.

“But why are they encouraging the landowners to engage in actions that will cause disruption and destructive to the smooth operations of companies in the area? Namah asked.

“The security forces must concentrate on the core focus of the operation.

“They must not deviate from the original mission and create problems and anxiety for investors, their employees and communities in the Vanimo-Green River district.

 “The operation should go into Bewani, Imonda, Amanab, Wutung and Green River to achieve its mission. It should not cause havoc and problems for the peace-loving majority of Sandaun,” he said.