Namah urges Marape to address alleged assault

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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah is urging the Office of the Prime Minister to bring to justice those responsible for assaulting an officer of Young and Williams Lawyers recently.
“James Marape has had the audacity to release a media statement claiming that his staff never assaulted an officer from Young and Williams Lawyers, who was serving a legal document on the prime minister,” he said.
“I, personally, had the interview with 69-year-old Pala Wagula and I trust his story against Marape’s.
“The document he was seeking to serve on Marape was a copy of the Supreme Court application which I filed last week challenging the purported election of Marape as prime minister last May 30.
“It is a legal requirement that the papers be served directly on the person concerned and not to anybody else.
“If the prime minister was unaware of this simple fact, then I am telling him that this is the normal and accepted requirement of service.
“This is what the process server was doing when he got assaulted.
“Why was he assaulted?
“Is the prime minister now thinking of avoiding the law completely?
“Has he become a law unto himself?
“No assault of any sort should ever be entertained in the highest office.
“That office should be a bastion of civil behaviour, common decency, common courtesy, decorum, good manners and proper protocol.
“I call upon Marape, Police Minister Bryan Kramer and the police commissioner to bring to justice the officers concerned and do it publicly to reassure Papua New Guineans that the office of the prime minister has not been turned into a haven for hooligans with tribal instincts.”


  • Shame on you, Namah. When you stormed the court room some time back, you were the law unto yourself. Stop being a Hypocrite. Start planning for 2022 so you can form the next government and become the prime minister.

  • Allegations without facts and evidence has NO Value. The accused should have taken a video of himself being harassed by PMJM’s officers so he can use this as evidence to call for justice.
    So just don’t think of taking legal actions, nogat meaning!!.

  • Some greedy, selfish and narrow minded bigboy who hides himself in the suit he wears has assaulted the poor old boy to gain attention and respect from the PM. Not only that, the same bigboy in suit may have ill-advised the PM.
    The poor process server is an old fella and he would never tell a lie to gain unlike the bigboy in suit in the PMs office. So the assault case has to be investigated and the bigboy in suit must man up!

  • Plis mr Nama can you keep quite in this very crucial time when the country is facing the global pendamic.

    Is Vanimo / Green equipped to tackle covic 19, if faced? These are your concerns you should worry about.

    May be after the pandemic is slow, you can pick up your gun and start firing again at PMJM

  • Nam-ah, there is a Territorial Spirit that is giving coverage to you & the your electorate, Vanimo Green River, you will have to destroy, up root, &dismantle that Spirit, before you rise to the top, that is your next level in shifting, other wise you remain there for the rest of your life, others will by pass you & your electorate……..

  • Justice prevails for everyone. What goes around comes around. So whoever did that must know, your own actions will catch up with you, maybe not now but one day. Be assured.

  • The office of the prime minister has been turned into a haven for hooligans with tribal instincts.”
    This simple phrase sums up what has been happening ever since Grand Chief Sir Micheal Somare live this post.

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