Namah urges police minister to focus on law, order issues in district

Belden Namah

MADANG is becoming like Tari-Pori, with a lot of killings, says Opposition Leader and Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah.
Namah, in a press conference this week, appealed to Police Minister and Madang MP Bryan Kramer to focus his attention on addressing law and order issues in his district.
“In recent times, Madang just like Tari-Pori have experienced escalating law and order situations,” Namah said.
“There have been many deaths in Madang, there have been many deaths in Tari-Pori and this is where the police minister, the member for Madang, should be concentrating his efforts.
“He should be reporting to the prime minister and the prime minister should be going to him as the police minister and they can combat the law and order situation.”
Namah also said Kramer should ensure that services were delivered through the district services development programme (DSIP) funds.
“Be responsible to your people in Madang to ensure that they get the much-needed services obligated under the constitution,” he said.
“Ensure that the DSIP funds are properly rolled out for the hospitals, schools and the roads in the district and also help the small businesses to promote SMEs within Madang, which is where your attention and focus should be.”
Namah also urged Kramer to focus on developing policies to addressing police disciplinary issues within the constabulary following a growing number of police brutality complaints recently.
He also wants Kramer to be responsible while on his social media commentary. Attempts by The National to get comments from Kramer were unsuccessful.


  • mr. namah made some vital point above as is the alarming issues which need to be considered accordingly..
    too smart analysis

  • The minister has gone quiet.
    Probably has no clues that Law and order issues are getting of out control.
    He was better as a commentator on social media before becoming a miniter of state..
    He should quit the ministry and make meaningful contribution to PNG as a social commentator.

  • Mr Beldan Namana, we your voters in Vanimo Grin need basic government services like good roads, health and education sevis na gudpla town. U kamap mangki mosbi na miPla stap ples nogat senis liklik. Plis Bolden kam lo Vanimo Green. Maski stp lo mosbi.

  • Both Madang and Vanimo needs Krammer and Namah respectively. It is pointless for them to argue and criticize one another when both their back yard under developed. A real and smart leader prioritize and address issue starting from the most priority, whilst perform multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, addressing national issues is one thing and addressing issues in your electorate is another thing.

  • As a Madang man, i suggest Bryan Kramer to contest the Moresby South Seat…come 2022…

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