Namah: Vote-of-no-confidence motion still pursued

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THE motion of no confidence is still on with Opposition Leader Belden Namah welcoming the decision of the withdrawal of Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch as the alternate prime minister.
In a statement, Namah said that the “the motion remains alive and must be dealt with by Members of Parliament in the coming sitting of Parliament on April 20.
“The Opposition will name a new candidate to replace Pruaitch and then it is up to Parliament to deliberate on and deal with the motion,” Namah said.
“This is nothing new, indeed, Pruaitch sponsored a replacement and put James Marape in his stead in the recent past, in 2019.”
Namah said as a responsible Opposition, they would press through with the motion for a vote of no confidence (VONC) and would also press on their court case on the VONC motion and the constitutionality of the 2021 Budget.
“The reasons for which this current motion was sponsored by a majority of 56 MPs remain the same,” he said.
Namah said the economy was crippled and the long-term effects would be dire for the country.
He said major resource projects, such as the Papua LNG and Wafi-Golpu gold project, had not been started or progressed while the closure of the Porgera Gold Mine had only compounded the impact on the economy.
“A promised new deal for Porgera just looks like what Barrick had on offer right from the start and so the loss of jobs, businesses and hundreds of millions of kina were a waste of money, all on account of one man’s whim,” he said.
“Our people are without jobs and many more will lose jobs and many businesses will close operations, coupled with Covid-19 pandemic which has been disastrously managed, this country is headed for a very bleak future.”
Namah said all MPs had a duty and responsibility to correct the trend before it was too late.


  • That’s the true Opposition leader who always check and balance our Country. He is the opposition leader who can ask and check any wrongs or things that the Government is doing. He has the right as the opposition leader… That’s the way Hon. Belden Namah

  • Thumps up opposition leader, you are a true leader, in every government there must be a strong opposition, you must not be like a yo-yo,

  • BN just repeating same things he did and will not get any support now. Just let PMJM complete his term and 2022 election is only 18 months away.

  • vote of no confidence is a waste of time since the national elections is coming up in 2022.
    Mr Namah should focus on providing good opposition to the current government.

  • Namah should just back off and join the government as Pruaitch has done. He may use the same energy in the government to deliver service. This is because, after all his good efforts he is not likely to be nominated as PM candidate if the opposition has any chance. The nominee will be someone else because his PNG party does not have any MPs apart from himself.

  • Belden Namah, we are beginning to see your real colours now. I personally think that you are proofing to your fellow Papua New Guineans beyond reasonable doubt that you are real patriotic for this nation. A very vibrant opposition leader I have seen so far that is making the government to be on their toes and putting them (government) on notice in every step they take. Thats the kind of opposition we need for our democracy going forward. Go team BN, never say die, its not over until its over. BN, someone who can sacrifice a Deputy PMs position and stand out for what was right when PO was PM.

  • Our beautiful country is sinking into the Pacific Ocean now, please someone help PNG now .
    Thank you and God bless.

  • Hon. Namah has been one of the most infuental opposition leaders this country has ever produced. It is good for the country that he always remains an opposition leader.

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