Namahs, Basils and Parkops should lead

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 ALLOW me to shed some light to those who criticise leaders like Belden Namah and Sam Basil in daily newspapers. 

I have been watching closely and, since the motion for a vote of no-confidence failed to be introduced in parliament and the bold move by leaders such as Namah to the opposition, some self-interested people have been commenting that these leaders are empty drums, lacking power and are limited in education to be profound leaders and that they should not bark where they can’t chase. 

I do not support either side of politics but let me make it clear; these comments truly reflect people who are well-off, self-interested and short-sighted.  

PNG is way overdue for development; corruption is rampant and life in general is chaotic.

One needs to take a journey overseas to have a better view of PNG – it is a mess!

The investors are coming because the major projects are opening up at the right time, not because of the confidence in the government.

I have a chat with some of them and they basically indicated that PNG is in a volatile state. 

You don’t need people with higher education to be leaders.

We do not need a qualified person to lead, we need a leader who has the conviction and desire to lead and that is found in people like Namah, Basil and Powes Parkop. 

Young and vibrant, the time has come for them to lead. May 2012 be the moment of history for these leaders and the people of Papua New Guinea. 



Yal Bal