Namah’s moves questioned


BELDEN Namah is not fit to be the Opposition Leader nor is he a prime minister material.
How can police follow-up and act upon a complaint he had laid to arrest former PM Peter O’Neill and all of a sudden he sides with O’Neill with his rhetoric that they are still brothers?
He fronted up at the Fraud squad office at Konedobu and Boroko cell to support O’Neill while police were doing their constitutional duties.
Opposition MPs should replace him with credible persons such as Dr Allan Marat or else join the government and let this circus character and his brother O’Neill linger in the opposition benches.
His actions has compromised the Opposition’s stance on fighting corruption and keeping the government accountable to the people.
I remind Namah not to go back and eat the rubbish that you vomited.
You gave the prime minister’s seat to O’Neill on a golden plate once and he threw you out in the cold and nearly ended your political career in the 2017 elections, remember?
First mistake is enough but please not twice because O’Neill might kick you out of parliament for good next time around.
Namah should support and applaud the police for the arrest and call for more investigations and arrests into this matter including other pending cases against the O’Neill regime if he wants to be a true champion of fighting corruption in PNG.
Remember that what goes around comes around.

Larim go inside,
Bomana Junction, NCD


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