Namatanai celebrates Chans’ victories

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

PEOPLE of the Susurunga-Tanglamet constituency in Namatanai, New Ireland, hosted a victory celebration for New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan and Namatanai parliamentarian Byron Chan recently.
At the gathering, Sir Julius commended the people, especially the Susurunga People’s Progressive Party election committee, for the warm reception as well as organisation of the area party committees and impressive victory celebration. 
He was fully briefed by the Susurunga party election committees regarding the recent election.
They said bad practices during the election were uncalled for and could not be controlled.
 as many people and their cohorts were very cunning.
They claimed that people in Namatanai who had been enticed during the election period must now ask these coordinators and candidates for their rewards.
 “If they believe the stories and promises and sold their votes during the elections, they must demand these coordinators to deliver as promised,” they said.
Responding, Sir Julius said the provincial government had invested in the rehabilitation of the Namatanai portion of the Buluminski highway and completed the resealing from Bopire to Namatanai town and work was continuing from Namatanai town to Punam.
He said the government was committed and had spent almost K30 million in bridges and roadwork in Namatanai in its short time in office.
“We built schools, aid posts, roads, bridges and provide telecommunication that will last a lifetime, realising that only hard work and sweat will lift our people to the next level,” Sir Julius said.
“But importantly, we are proud of our achievements. People can see and compare our work from the previous governments.”
He said this government had never succumbed to tok gris (sweet talk) or freebies.