Namatanai roads in a deplorable state

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 16, 2011

AS New Irelander, I would like to raise my concern about the state of the road system in Namatanai district.
The section of the road from Namatanai town to Punam River crossing is in a shocking state.
Potholes have grown to become craters and there is no sign of maintenance.
I understand that a contractor is working on the stretch from Punam River crossing to Rativis.
I call on Namatanai MP Byron Chan to seriously look into maintaining the road.
My next question is will all roads in Namatanai district be sealed.
For the past 30 years, we only have gravel roads and no effort is being made to seal them.
Constructing proper sealed roads in district will certainly bring about major development changes and, ultimately, raise the people’s standard of living.
This will make it easier for the people to sell their cash crops and go into othe­r forms of business to sustain themselves.
The member must also look into ways to improve the well-bring of the people in the electorate.
Thus far, there is nothing tangible to show in the district.


Porbun 2, New Ireland