Nambawan Super denies claim


NAMBAWAN Super Ltd (NSL) has denied being approached by the Government regarding the potential sale of Digicel, says chief executive officer Paul Sayer.
This followed reports that the Government is discussing with NSL about joining the acquisition of Digicel Pacific from Irish businessman Denis O’Brien.
Sayer said all investments considered by the fund followed strict regulatory frameworks.
“NSL is the trustee of more than K8.5 billion in savings of everyday, hardworking Papua New Guineans and it is essential the fund is prudent in its consideration of all possible investments,” Sayer said.
“The fund considers all investment opportunities on their own merits in conjunction with our licensed investment manager in accordance with strong local regulations.
“This process guides investment decisions and ensures opportunities for returns for our members are considered against the appropriate level of risk.
“NSL is a growing fund and actively seeking good investment opportunities that will deliver long-term performance for our members.”