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I WRITE in reference to Frustrated Contributor #1 from Lae whose letter was published on March 13 in The National.
Our friend’s concern regarding housing advances at Nasfund represents the difficulties thousands of contributors face when trying to access funds to help them build their home in the village where they go to live when they retire.
The same sentiment can be said of the State’s Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL).
If I am wrong, please someone correct me.
I have been an NSL member since I started work in the public service and I have been contributing to the fund ever since. Just like the frustrated contributor at Nasfund.
I took out my first housing advance in 2009 from Nambawan Super.
The policy at that time was user-contributor friendly and it allowed many of us to build our dream home on our traditional land back in the village.
In April 2016, I applied for my second housing loan to complete the house that I started building in the village from the first housing advance.
As soon as my application was approved, I started deductions of SSSASFB housing of K38.35 to repay my loan.
The housing advance cheque payment never arrived and I went to the office to enquire on Dec 8 last year.
To my surprise, the officers at the customer services counter advised me that I was not able to obtain that loan because the policy had changed.
I asked for whose interest and benefit was the policy changed?
The officer referred me to one of the commercial banks with a housing advance worth K17,322.14 as my eligibility amount.
At the bank I was told that this policy only applied to the housing scheme funded by the government and did not in any way relate to my original purpose.
I went back to Nambawan Super and argued that this policy will never meet the intended purpose of alleviating poverty in the villages, communities and towns and the country.
Nambawan Super is definitely not helping its members to eventually live where they wish to.
Nambawan Super cannot segregate and monopolise the system as this will only allow contributors to lose out. So the question is, whose interest are they serving?
I’m sure most of us do not wish to live in towns and cities after retirement as there is no guarantee of peace and safety for our families and ourselves.
Our superannuation contributions are our own money safeguarded by the fund through an act by the government of Papua New Guinea, while Nambawan Super Ltd is only a steward.
Nambawan Super is not serving its intended purpose.
I wish to say that the policy should be relaxed and changed to help contributors like myself who are poor.
My house is half done and has been standing idle for nine years. What a joke!

Frustrated Contributor # 2
Hometa Aepavi Kuimane

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